Yurij Mikhalevich
November 10, 2019

Why Do I Write?

I write this blog to improve my English. Simple as that.

I’m a native Russian speaker, heavily invested in learning English, C1 level certified. For a few recent years, I’ve been consuming all media - movies, shows, books, articles, etc. - exclusively in English. In addition to that, I continuously have speaking practice, and a blog could be a great way to top it off with some writing practice, which is more than text communication.

As a side note, I’m excited about learning languages, know a little bit of French and German, and in love with English. My ultimate goal is to be able to maintain a deep, existential conversation in Eglish as easily as I can in Russian :-D

Why write a public blog then, you may ask. Writing public posts comes with extra responsibilities compared to writing a private journal. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • being extremely accurate with grammar and punctuation
  • caring about clearly communicating your thoughts
  • caring about writing well-structured and engaging texts

What else can boost my writing skills and deepen my understanding of the language in the same way the responsibilities listed above can do? :-)

All these said, there is no particular theme to this blog. I want to write more and to write well, not to write about a thing. But generally, you can expect discussion or sharing posts, like this one, movie, anime, book reviews (check out my bookshelf), photo sharing, travel logs, maybe some short stories, and, given my professional specialization and life passion being software development and machine learning, a handful of posts dedicated to it.

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