Yurij Mikhalevich
September 29, 2020

Have You Ever Eaten Seagulls?

A strong gust of dry, warm salt-smelling air blows into my face, making my hair flow all over the place. I stand still paying attention to the surf’s sound crashing into my ears, mentally moving me before falling down to my heart, resonating deep inside. A few seconds pass before I open my eyes and look down at the craggy coastline. The turquoise waters of the Black sea are as marvelous as always. I sit down, dropping my legs off the cliff’s edge. I remove my backpack and pull out a shiny metal thermos displaying the word “Rvonics”, in a somewhat frayed font.

The thermos is full of hot, sweet ginger tea — total bliss — precisely what you need to drink when you are waiting for the sunset. Pouring a little bit for myself, I look around. It is a beautiful viewpoint, and I’m fortunate enough to be alone here today. I am only accompanied by sturdy stones, and behind them enormous, rough rocks. Most of the stones are gray, but some of the rocks that are part of the mountain behind me are orange — unsure from where, I remember that means they are full of metal. I laugh to myself, pondering the human ability to remember seemingly random things, and turn back to the sun beginning to start setting into the sea.

I have no idea how much time has passed, but it’s already pitch-dark. I turn my flashlight on and make my way back to the car. “Beep-beep,” I hear the phone. Looks like I have the reception again and a new message from Bettie: “Carol, have you ever eaten seagulls?”

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