Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel

TL;DR: 7/10. Alita is an OK movie. Stunning visual, a few good actors, and a fine story.

Being familiar with some live-action anime adaptations (awful Netflix's Death Note comes to mind immediately), I haven't been expecting much from this one. And, perhaps, my lowered expectations are the reason that I've enjoyed the movie.

If you are expecting deepness and rich story, this movie will leave you disappointed. The film is your typical action-centered show, with good visuals, and almost only enough of the plot to move the action forward.
The characters are likable, but there is a feeling that some of them haven't received enough screen time for us to understand them and the changes in them properly.

Christopher Waltz is an awesome Gepetto Dr. Ido. Rosa Salazar is a nice Alita. Big anime-like eyes is a controversial decision, but they do not spoil the impression at all. If anything, they help you to accept the artificial essence of the drama we are being presented with and to forgive some plot issues. The details and quality of the CGI in this movie is impressive. It definitely creates most of the attractiveness of this movie. All the techie stuff looks smooth and impressive too.

Summing up, I recommend the movie. It is pretty binge-worthy, it will look perfect on a big screen (this is what it was filmed for! - to be watched on a big screen), and it is a great party movie.