Yurij Mikhalevich
December 16, 2020

A Good Place to Get Started With AI and Neural Nets

People often ask me for a good place to get started with AI, machine learning, and neural nets.

course.fast.ai — this is a pretty good place. It’s modern (the current version of the course was released this August), centered around the relevant practice, teaches you by doing, going deeper only when needed, and it goes with the book that was released this August, too. Overall, it’s a pretty good introduction to the field.

There are also good courses from Andrew Ng on Coursera (his Deep Learning specialization is great), but, in my personal opinion, the fast.ai course is a better introduction to hands-on AI in the modern world.

In conclusion, I’ll recommend you to do both fast.ai and Andrew Ng’s courses because each of them offers a different perspective. The good idea is to top it all up with some practice that you can find on Kaggle (they also offer some courses on Kaggle Learn, I’m not familiar with those, though).

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